One Life: The School for What Matters

A home place where folks equip themselves to align their life to their values, while dwelling in community upon what’s most important.

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Founding principles

  1. The one life we each have been given is an amazing gift. And when lives come together in a place to become a community, that gift is renewed and multiplied.
  2. The foundation of a joyful, meaningful, healthy, peaceful, helpful and beautiful life is a lifestyle of subsistence, in which we do all we can to meet our own needs, care for our neighbors, and find elemental satisfaction in simple pleasures.
  3. One’s vocation should complement this full life in the place one cares about – it should not replace it.
  4. The standard of our life, our home and our work must be one and the same: their constructive fit to our community.
  5. To live according to these principles requires traditions of wisdom, a community of support, and a lifetime of intention.
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